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Meet Billy The Kid 3 - a hat inspired by the iconic photograph of the legendary outlaw himself. In the original picture, Billy sported a top hat that had been transformed into a rugged cowboy style by reshaping the crown and brim. It's unclear whether Billy himself reshaped the hat or had a local artisan work their magic on it, but the result was the striking headwear he wore for the photo.

Enter Stan Gaz Handmade, the creator of this meticulously crafted hat. Made from 100% beaver fur felt, sourced and produced with pride in the United States, this hat is a true masterpiece.

The Billy The Kid 3 hat comes with two unique accessory options. One is a knife holder crafted from crocodile leather, while the other features an elk tooth adorned with a silver Bad Dude pin. Mix and match these accessories to suit your style and personality. The hat does not come with the knife. You will need to find that on your own. 

Adding a personal touch, a custom branded dyed leather hat band is carefully attached by skilled hands, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that goes into every stitch.

Available in a size Large, this hat can also be customized to fit your specific measurements. Rest assured that only the finest materials have been used in the creation of this exceptional piece. Each hat is signed by Stan Gaz himself, ensuring its authenticity before it begins its journey to you. Knife not included. 


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